Fall music releases to add to your playlist

By A.K. Kajderowicz, Entertainment Writer

Shawn Mendes’s New Single “Wonder”

“Wonder” is about wanting to fall in love and the long journey of that process, while also incorporating aspects of how the price of fame has affected his life. 

This song sounds like a breath of fresh air. It is the song you want playing as you’re driving on the highway with all your windows down. Mendes’s previous songs have been about teenage problems and love, a theme which he continues to write about, but with this song, he is singing about what he’s feeling at that very moment. Along with that, the song is slower and less upbeat than his previous songs which makes it seem more meaningful. 

“You free yourself by being cool with yourself, loving yourself, and being like ‘this is it, this is me,’ because, in the end, all you will have is you,” Mendes stated on the Zach Sang Show. This highlights that loving and being yourself is the most freeing thing that you’ll ever experience and that it’s okay to say “I wonder” in situations where you think about all the possibilities of the future, especially when you first enter something new. 

This song could be for anyone who enjoys a pop song with more weight behind it. It will resonate with teens as they think about their lives after high school and navigate relationships. 


Joji’s New Song “Nitrous” from “Nectar”

“Nitrous” is catchy and youthful and can bring out the joy in anyone once it starts playing. On her new album, “Nectar,” Joji covers the routine themes, such as love and hardships between friends, but with a “quirky” spin on it, as he calls it.

Joji wrote “Nitrous” because he wanted a song to talk about his feelings with a special someone, and in particular, this song is about how his ability to make music helps him cope with his relationship problems. He, as an artist, focuses on the bigger picture and not on the little small things that make you feel bad, which is honestly a good way to put everything in perspective during these times. The lyrics “Guess I’ve been awake, thinking ‘bout our fate” and “Girl, don’t notice it, I don’t notice it” show that he doesn’t care about the little things and flaws because the bigger picture is always more important.

Compared to his past work, “Nitrous” is definitely brighter and happier than his other songs like “Gimme Love” as well as his other older songs because those songs have a darker context and lyrics. In “Gimme Love,” another new song off his new album “Nectar,” these lyrics show that darker, more obscure aspect: “These people don’t heal, these people don’t feel / These people aren’t real so make me this deal.” Here, he showcases a more mysterious and gloomy side to his music.


Dua Lipa’s New Single “Levitating” featuring DaBaby

“Levitating” is a good example of your typical love song, but it’s not as obvious because the catchiness hides the true impact of the lyrics. If you like Dua Lipa’s other songs, you will definitely like this one.

Dua Lipa wrote this song about the joy and excitement of falling in love with a new person, and the emotions she’s portraying throughout the song show that she feels like everything feels perfect with that special someone.

Lyrics like, “I need you all night / Come on, dance with me / I’m levitating,” demonstrate that she feels like she’s cloud nine while she’s with her other half and the depth of that connection. It’s surprising to see DaBaby on this collaboration because he usually doesn’t team up with pop artists, but it’s a great song to dance to and enjoy.


Lauv and Conan Gray’s New Single “Fake”

“Fake” is relatable to anyone going through a rough time with fake friends, and it reminds people that they’re not alone when something like this happens.

Lauv and Conan wrote this song about the fake people that are all found around us when we don’t even know it. Throughout the song, they speak about everything that happens when you have an encounter with someone artificial. This song is a nice, relaxing one with a very catchy chorus. This type of song is not typical of either Lauv or Conan Gray, as they are talking about a very real and current problem.

For example, the lyrics, “You don’t mean a single thing you say / If we’ve got a problem, say it to my face / And you’re just like all the people that you hate / You’re so fake / When the real you’s back, I’ll pick up my phone,” are very relatable to high school students because there’s a lot of situations where these things happen. Because the themes are so familiar to teenagers, the song is easy to connect to. 

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