Removal of popular titles means less appeal for Netflix

(Illustration by Morgan Latko)

By Jenna Marchuk, Entertainment Editor

Netflix has long reigned as the biggest and best streaming service. With entire series of many popular shows on its service, millions subscribed to the ad-free streaming service to watch these shows. Over the last year though, Netflix has taken many shows off of its service and created more original content. This has led many to unsubscribe from its service and could be the beginning of Netflix’s downfall.

This year, Netflix removed many of its most popular shows including Gossip Girl, The Office, and Parks and Recreation. All of these shows were available up until December 31, 2020. Last year, Friends was taken off Netflix, which also got a lot of backlash. With all of these shows being taken off Netflix and brought to other streaming platforms, many are left wondering if Netflix is worth the cost. 

Another factor that led many to unsubscribe from Netflix was the increased subscription cost, which began in late 2020. The premium subscription increased $2 to $18. With these increased prices and removed shows, many subscribers may choose to pay for other streaming services with better shows.

Peacock is one of the most popular streaming services that many have switched to from Netflix, as in-demand programs like The Office and Parks and Recreation moved to Peacock. This also comes with a lower cost of $5 a month or $50 a year with advertisements, or $10 a month or $100 a year for no advertisements.  One can also watch for free with ads, though their entire catalog of movies and shows isn’t available. 

Another popular alternative is HBO Max, which has a price of $14.99 a month, and also includes many popular shows exclusive to HBO Max, such as Euphoria, and will feature the Gossip Girl reboot later in 2021. Also, Friends moved from Netflix to HBO Max.

Junior Gianna Capesius is one of many who chose to unsubscribe from Netflix after these shows were removed. 

“Since The Office, Friends, and Gossip Girl were all taken off of Netflix, I have no reason to use it anymore since those were my favorite shows,” Capesius said. Capesius also unsubscribed from Netflix due to the increased price. Now, Capesius subscribes to HBO Max. 

“HBO Max is a much better deal than Netflix, as you get many exclusive shows and you get Friends,” she said. “I am also considering subscribing to Peacock as I am a huge fan of The Office.” 

However, hope still remains for Netflix because of its original programming. In 2020 alone, Netflix had many original hits such as Outer Banks, Tiger King, The Queen’s Gambit, Ozark, and Love is Blind. All of these shows were very popular this year, and many spent time during lockdown watching them. To keep the service alive, Netflix will have to continue its success with originals, or buy back some of their most popular lost shows.

Although Netflix has been able to have seemingly everyone bingeing their new releases, with competition from other streaming platforms, it is no longer the one-stop-shop it used to be for many. Now customers will have to weigh their options, as subscribing to every streaming service can be costly. The future of streaming services will come down to making tough decisions about which service has the most entertaining content for you.

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