News brief: New Google icon expectations set for second semester

By Emily Keller, News Writer

At the beginning of the semester, an email was sent out to students detailing the new requirements for their Google icon. In the email, Maine South administrators wrote that students’ Google icon should either be the student’s initial or a current image of themselves. Further emphasizing the importance of this memo, during first period on Jan. 5, teachers went over the guidelines for students’ Google icons. 

 In the email sent out by administration, the importance of using the Google icon as a way to show their ‘true identity’ was emphasized.

“The goal of having students represent their true identities helps us, as a school, become more rooted in community and valuing one another, not just compliance,” the email stated. 

Fine Arts teacher Mr. Matthew Nix agrees with the need improve the online community. 

Our new shared expectations provide an avenue for students to accurately share a photo of themselves so that their teachers and peers get ‘to know’ them better in our current digital learning environment,” Mr. Nix said. 

However, some students feel that these new changes don’t really allow them to get to know one another better. 

“Looking at a picture of someone’s face doesn’t help to learn more about them,” sophomore Dora Horaitis said. “The only time I feel like I get to know my classmates is when they turn their camera on and we have a conversation.”

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