Valentine’s Day cards delivered to senior citizens

(Photo courtesy Mr. Marsicano)

By Tania Stefanov, News Writer

This Valentine’s day, local senior citizens had a smile on their face, thanks to the Maine South Underclass Council. The club organized a card drive, which collected over 175 valentines for nursing homes, including the Summit Square in Uptown Park Ridge. 

After Underclass Council member Mia Mastrolanardo came up with the idea to hold a card drive, the Underclass Council decided to make it a reality.

 “Due to the pandemic, these facilities aren’t letting residents’ loved ones and family visit,” vice-president Juliana Duddles said.

 “We wanted to give them special Valentine’s Day cards to show that we care for them,” said president Jose Cantu. “We believe that with these cards, we can make their day and put a smile on their face.” 

The club contacted local assisted living facilities before organizing a meeting to make the cards. 

“The volunteers came to Maine south for about 30 minutes,” Duddles said. “We had everyone include a special message, positive words of encouragement, drawings, and even a fun Valentine’s Day joke on the cards.” 

Due to Covid-19 guidelines, only the first fifteen members to sign up were allowed to attend. However, those who could not participate also contributed to the card drive from home. Other Maine South students, along with staff and their families made cards as well. Underclass council dropped the cards off at the nursing homes just in time for Valentine’s Day, where they were distributed to residents.

 “This idea wouldn’t have become a reality without everyone that donated their time and effort,” Duddles said. “I would like to thank them for helping ensure everyone got a card and a smile for Valentine’s Day.”

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