Spring musical ‘Theory of Relativity’ to wrap year of pandemic productions

By Julia Gryczko, Entertainment Editor 

(Image by Isabel Gibson)

The spring musical “The Theory of Relativity” is the final production of the 2020-21 school year. Through a series of songs that seem to be unrelated, the nonlinear plot line follows the individual stories of a group of college-aged characters as they explore the challenges that come along with finding their place on earth.

The production “celebrates the human need for connection, the many ways in which we are linked to one another and matter to one another” director Ms. Carrie Saurer said. 

The musical is being filmed on the stage just as if a regular audience was in attendance in the auditorium, similar to the winter play. 

“With every aspect of the show in mind, we have had to answer this question: how do you capture the experience of going to the theater when the audience will be viewing the show in their own homes?” Ms. Saurer said. “We want the musical to feel like you are in our auditorium seats, watching the show just like every other year…without actually being there” 

There have been five productions done at Maine South this year: the Fall Play, V-show, Winter Play, Drama 3/4 Studio Showcase, and the Spring Musical. Many involved in the newest production feel very grateful and proud of what they have been able to do and accomplish during this past year at a time when some schools or professional actors haven’t been able to have any performances. 

“I think it’s easy to let yourself get really upset about missing out on certain elements of theater we all love and weren’t able to do this year, but it’s also so important to realize we’re lucky to have done anything,” junior Taylor Truckenbrod, who plays Julie O’Hara, said. 

This production doesn’t just represent what Maine South has been able to achieve during this pandemic year, but it is also a testament to the resilience of theater. 

“Since the ancient Greeks, theater artists across the world and across time have faced incredible challenges, but no matter what was thrown in their paths, artists have found a way to continue–art has always found a way,” Ms. Saurer said. “There are over seventy designers, technicians, musicians, filmmakers, and performers that have found a way to make the Maine South Musical happen.”  

This joyous, moving, and unconventional musical that celebrates the voice of the millennial generation will leave the viewer feeling less alone. 

“Every person in our school community has felt some sense of isolation over the past fourteen months and ‘The Theory of Relativity’ will remind every audience member that no one is alone…you will walk away feeling uplifted and you will be reminded of the way that your life matters to others” Ms. Saurer said.

“The Theory of Relativity” will be available to stream from April 30 through May 2. The runtime is 75 minutes and tickets can be purchased at https://www.showtix4u.com/event-details/50354 .

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