2021-22 school year brings a new class schedule

By Molly Shannon, News Writer

On March 30th, the schedule for the 2021-2022 school year was released. The most significant change of this new schedule was the addition of a full week block schedule. Mondays are going to be a full block period day instead of an eight-period day. 

“There were elements of the block that everyone liked from this year and last year,” Dr. Collins said. 

Many teachers and students are enthusiastic about the new schedule.

“I personally am happy about the change as it gives us an extra day to do homework and we won’t have to worry about doing eight periods of work any day,” junior Harry Fogel said. 

“I’d guess they thought it was working well this year and enjoyed having the extra 25-30 minutes of class each period. I know it’s definitely helpful for science classes, particularly those who have labs,” said Fogel. 

Due to the consistent emails about changes throughout the school, some students are overwhelmed with the new schedule adjustments. 

“I would rather they keep the schedule we have right now,” junior Adam Mellema said. 

“I don’t understand having certain classes three days a week and then other classes two days a week. Especially, when we do or do not have lunch,” said Mellema. 

The embedded lunch period during fifth or sixth period has caused confusion for many students.

“The lunches work the exact same as a block day before Covid-19,” Dr. Collins said. “There are three lunches (just like last year during the block days) and you either have lunch, then class, or class, then lunch. Some classes have lunch in the middle. All in all, I think everyone needs summer to come quickly but I’m confident the students will rebound fast next year when we’re back in the building.”

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