Southwords is a student-run publication designed as a public forum for student opinion and balanced reporting on topics relevant to the Maine South community.  As the voice of the students, Southwords accepts letters and articles from the student body, but does not accept advertising of any kind.

Unsigned staff editorials represent the consensus opinion of the Southwords Editorial Board. Personal commentaries represent the opinion of the author alone and do not represent the opinions of the publication nor District 207.

Student participation in the newspaper, whether through readership, submitting articles, or voicing comments or concerns, is encouraged.

Signed letters to the editor can be given to a member of the editorial staff or e-mailed to southwords[at]maine207.org. Southwords reserves the right to edit material for clarity and brevity and to reject obscene/libelous submissions.

If you have any questions, please contact the adviser, Mr. Stathakis, via e-mail or at extension 8494. The Southwords office is located between the school cafeteria and student commons in room C28.


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